UMBRA Technologies, Ltd, and CANDIS Group signed a sales partner channel agreement. CANDIS Group will sell and support the UMBRA Technologies Secure Network Optimization (SNO) solution within its existing client base in China, as well as providing 1st tier support for the SNO solution. This agreement is effective immediately.

HONG KONG, HONG KONG, August 30, 2012 — UMBRA Technologies, Ltd., an emerging provider of second generation SD-WAN solutions, announced the signing of a sales channel agreement with CANDIS Group in Beijing China. As part of the agreement, CANDIS Group will act as UMBRA’S lead channel partner for sales and support within Asia, and will sell, and provide level 1 support for, UMBRA’s Secure Network Optimization (SNO) Service. This agreement allows CANDIS clients to access a subscription-based, SD-WAN service within Asia, for high-value, mission critical application accessible through the hybrid or public cloud throughout the region. This subscription pricing through the UMBRA SNO service will also allow clients to access the secure solution in a consumable price point that fit the needs of branch offices and datacenters, and decrease IT costs associated with acquiring and designing internal solutions for WAN optimization and network management,

UMBRA’s SNO solution uses a 2nd generation SD-WAN that leverages the UMBRA Global Virtual Network (GVN). This GVN is a virtual and physical network of servers, endpoints and peering relationships, created using technologies including Dynamic DNS management to perform smart-routing of corporate network traffic, and minimize packet loss, latency and jitter.  These embedded technologies also create a virtual network that uses multi-threaded data flow and multi-streaming tunnel generation necessary to ensure that mission critical applications are available to employees 24/7. The GVN also leverages the appropriate peering relationships with overseas carriers to ensure that network traffic is routed through low-cost as well as low-latency routes in an efficient manner.

“Clients using UMBRA’s SNO service need an easy-to-use SD-WAN solution that installs in their IT environment in minutes, not days, and allows access to mission critical hybrid and public cloud applications such as online versions of Microsoft Office, said Fred Broussard, Managing Director, UMBRA Technologies. “For CIOs and IT managers dealing with inflexible network management solutions in the North American or European headquarters, challenges with managing network traffic to branch offices in Asia and China puts employee productivity at risk with poor network connectivity to cloud and off-premises applications. Solutions like our SNO service help deliver and manage hybrid and public cloud application access in a secure manner, and with subscription pricing, allow pay-as-you-use delivery of the service in a cost-effective manner that reduces capex.”

“We’re very pleased to offer the UMBRA SNO Service, which will help CANDIS address an urgent client need,” said Jorn Knutsen, Managing Director, CANDIS Group. “CANDIS spent a number of years evaluating solutions that would decrease, or at least address, packet loss, latency and jitter with tools and technologies in an affordable delivery model. We dealt with vendors that provided effective hardware but at high-cost price points our clients couldn’t afford, or that didn’t deliver the necessary network performance improvement to our clients and their employees.

With the SNO service from UMBRA, we now have a solution that delivers value to clients quickly, enabling employees to leverage cloud based application in their headquarters datacenters, or in their public cloud based environments.”


UMBRA Technologies, Ltd is a leading provider of next generation SD-WAN solutions and the creator of the Global Virtual Network, a network of virtual and physical hardware that uses peer-to-peer architectures for scalable, high-value network optimization access and delivery to the hybrid and public cloud. UMBRA operates this global network from offices in the United States, Europe and Asia. More information may be found at


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