About Us

The people that founded UMBRA learned from poor internet experiences around the world. We found trying to connect to cloud-based applications in office LANs to WAN access points around the world, or from hotel rooms while traveling were a challenge due to firewall issues, latency, packet loss, jitter and bandwidth limitations. Further, we learned that buying, selling and supporting hardcoded, hardware-based network solutions based on inflexible hub-and-spoke architectures were a huge issue. Such solutions were hard to deploy, manage and monitor, and could make it difficult to access applications wherever the app resided. We also knew we needed a secure network not just to protect our corporate information, but also because we saw like everyone else that hackers, professional crime syndicates, and third party actors would be at work illegally accessing data however they could.

We used that poor internet experience to design and build the next generation WAN solution. We knew that it would take a rethinking of what is required for optimal WAN performance. Minimizing latency, packet loss and jitter was going to take the creation of what we call the Global Virtual Network. A virtual network of servers (physical and virtual), peering relationships and bandwidth with network providers around the world. It turns out that we were also designing a 2nd generation SD-WAN, that took advantage of what this network offered: security and performance delivered quickly.

We’ve designed the Secure Network Optimization Service as a result; to make secure network access consumable, easy-to-use, deploy and manage. This service is available to access cloud-based applications for IT executives and managers that need a solution that can help branch offices and datacenters connect with datacenters and hybrid and public cloud-based applications. We offer a free, 2 week trial for those interested in seeing the results in their own organizations and within their IT infrastructure.