The Secure Network Optimization Service offers network access
that’s easy-to-use, deploy and manage.

Our Secure Network Optimization (SNO) Service uses our Global Virtual Network to provide clients with a next-generation SD-WAN, with WAN acceleration that can be delivered securely to all your employees, whether those employees are in a branch office in Asia or a headquarters in North America, and whether the employees are accessing applications in the Cloud, or a datacenter on-premises. The SNO service is delivered through subscription pricing, with multiple subscription terms and bandwidth pricing to fit the needs of IT organizations large and small. The SNO service also allows CIOs, IT executives and managers that need a zero-touch-provisioning SD-WAN solution with a 2-week, no obligation trial to check the service’s performance in the client’s IT environment before subscribing.

The basis of our SNO Service is our Global Virtual Network (GVN). The patent-pending, developing set of technologies that comprise our GVN allows smart-routing of network traffic, centralized management of network traffic and firewall rules, and WAN optimization within a secure network environment. Our API allows further customization into multiple management platforms to meet client needs, and allows UMBRA a manageable path towards developing next-generation, network-based products and services.

We invite you to see for yourself the value behind our SNO service. Again, our 2-week, zero-touch provisioning service for SD-WAN will fit within your organization’s goals and plans right away, and we think you’ll be pleased with the results.

UMBRA’s SNO Service uses a 2nd generation SD-WAN that leverages the UMBRA Global Virtual Network (GVN). The GVN is a virtual and physical network of endpoints, servers, and peering relationships, created using technologies including Dynamic DNS management to perform smart-routing of corporate network traffic, and minimize packet loss, latency and jitter.  These embedded technologies also create a virtual network that uses multi-threaded data flow and multi-streaming tunnel generation necessary to ensure that mission critical applications are available to employees 24/7. The GVN also leverages the appropriate peering relationships with overseas carriers to ensure that network traffic is routed through low-cost as well as low-latency routes in an efficient manner.