UMBRA Technologies Limited (“UMBRA” or the “Company”) announced the signing of an Advisory and Capital Raising Engagement Letter with Blockchain Triangle Systems (“BCT”) of Hamilton, Bermuda ( to assist UMBRA with the relocation of its global headquarters to Bermuda, capital formation planning and potential digital asset offering under the Bermuda Digital Asset Rules and Regulations.

Jorn Knutsen, UMBRA CEO, stated that: “Today we signed an important long-term engagement agreement with Blockchain Triangle and pleased to announce they will be advising and assisting us with a significant capital raise and relocation of our global headquarters from Hong Kong to Bermuda.  We are extremely pleased with management of BCT and glad to have them onboard as we begin an exciting ramp-up of our Company’s sales and marketing efforts throughout the western hemisphere.”

UMBRA brings together decades of technology and market experience, specializing in moving data with unparalleled speed and security using a core team and active use of channel partners. The Company’s infrastructure runs both physical and virtualized servers [Innovative Networking “Paradigm Shift”], based upon a patented fast and secure ‘Global Virtual Network’ (GVN), adding a new networking layer that seamlessly integrates both physical and virtual networks, public or private, for unparalleled network performance over distance, across all fabrics.

BCT is  a financial technology platform developed for the investment community to harness the demand for issuance of digital assets within the Bermuda regulatory framework. This Platform is a marketplace for corporate service providers, issuers and investors to interact in a secure, fully compliant environment.

UMBRA is planning to expand its SNS/SD-WAN product/service into North America while also ramping up other extensions of its patented GVN. Please visit and