“System and Method for a Global Virtual Network”

Hong Kong, November 7, 2019

UMBRA Technologies Limited (“UMBRA”) have received notification that its “System and Method for a Global Virtual Network” Omnibus Patent Application cluster has officially granted by the European Patent Office (“EPO). “This is a milestone achievement for UMBRA and represents the core foundation of our innovative technology that now allows for various product extensions to be developed globally”, says Jorn Knutsen, Co-Founder and CEO of UMBRA Technologies. “Many years and capital have been spent on our patent portfolio and this honestly represents the tip of the iceberg of what UMBRA can accomplish in our enterprise software sector”, he continued.

ABOUT UMBRA Technologies Limited: UMBRA Technologies was founded to solve identified pain points of poor and insecure internet connectivity. At the cutting edge of internet connectivity innovation, UMBRA Technologies continues to push the envelope of optimization of what is possible on legacy solutions while innovating the next generation internet connectivity for Fintech (high-frequency trading, distributed ledger technology, etc., the Internet-of-Things (IoT), Big Data Analytics and other  sectors.  UMBRA Technologies’ innovations have made more data transmission efficient and secure. Whether or not your organization is simply trying to connect to cloud-based applications while in your office or travelling, or there are more niche specific concerns, UMBRA Technologies has the solution.  For more information, please visit www.UMBRATech.com