UMBRA Technologies Limited have received the honor of being named one of the TOP 10 APAC SDN Solution Providers in 2019 by CIO Advisor Magazine, an honor that is bestowed upon leading SDN solution providers after a careful review conducted by an illustrious panel featuring CEOs, CIOs, VCs, Analysts, and the editorial board at CIO Advisor APAC.  Following a careful analysis, these distinct business professionals have shortlisted a selection of SDN solution providers whom they feel meet the benchmark to be named as the Top 10 SDN Solution Providers in the APAC region in 2019. UMBRA is pleased to be included in this exclusive selection of companies who are at the forefront of delivering robust SDN and SD-WAN solutions.

UMBRA Technologies set out a few years ago to deliver high-end connectivity solutions for a market seeking to lower costs while enhancing service, and in order to provide accessibility to quality and secure connectivity that previously was only available to large multinational enterprises and businesses.  Prior to UMBRA, the cost of having highly secure connectivity exceeded the budget of many business. The founders of UMBRA Technologies wanted to change that and have focused their energies on the solutions that it has now brought to the market. “It is a real and distinct honor to be recognized in such a manner by industry leaders”, says Jorn Knutsen, Co-Founder and CEO of UMBRA Technologies. “Being on this list already for a young company like ours is a milestone and something worth celebrating”, he continued.

ABOUT UMBRA Technologies Limited: UMBRA Technologies was founded to solve identified pain points of poor and insecure internet connectivity. At the cutting edge of internet connectivity innovation, UMBRA Technologies continues to push the envelope of optimization of what is possible on legacy solutions while innovating the next generation internet connectivity for Fintech (high-frequency trading, distributed ledger technology, etc., the Internet-of-Things (IoT), Big Data Analytics and other  sectors.  UMBRA Technologies’ innovations have made more data transmission efficient and secure. Whether or not your organization is simply trying to connect to cloud-based applications while in your office or travelling, or there are more niche specific concerns, UMBRA Technologies has the solution.  For more information, please visit